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thrive and maintain a blossoming balance


Here you can book a consult with me

I offer my services in two locations in Victoria.

In both locations I can provide testing and functional pathology investigations

FREE 15 minutes phone call

My time with you - for free

I want my patients to feel sure that they are in the right place. 

This is to allow the patients to ask me any questions they have in regards to their case and the services I provide.

You are welcome to call and discuss your needs with me prior to decide any booking (please note the phone call itself will be charged at the standard rates of your provider).

Initial consultation face to face

The first visit with me

During this consultation I collect all the information related to your case and start their logical organisation in order to ascertain your actual wellness status and your health needs. After this you will be guided to the choice of a comprehensive strategy to achieve your goals.

Follow up consultation

Monitoring the results

To monitor the results achieved, to adjust the therapies to your actual body responses and to perfection and maximise the benefits. The consultation can be made on site or online via Skype.



Call 0418 775566

I receive patients in my Melbourne clinic located in Suite 106/620 St Kilda Road, Melbourne VIC 3004 on:

Monday         10am-6pm (except for the third Monday of the month)

Tuesday           2pm-6pm

Wednesday   10am-6pm

Thursday       10am-6pm

Friday             CLOSED

Saturday        10am-1pm



Call 0418 775566 or  03 5831 5400

I consult in 116 Corio Street Shepparton VIC 3630 on:

Third Monday of each month 10am-8pm