"Everything is showing up by being exposed to light, and whatever is exposed to the light itself become light" - St Paul

I come from an academic background and I've been a research for many years, at University and Corporate level. Researching is something I always liked to do.

Among the most intriguing discoveries in the last 20 or so years are the one related to how emotions affects health through immunological modulation, 

and how due to this any individual responds to therapies in a specific and unique way. 

Not only in neurosciences but also in cardiovascular medicine, oncology, rheumatology, mental health and other areas there is more and more evidence of the role that the our emotional life have on the incubation, insurgence and evolution of illnesses, to the point that studies in USA has estimated that the 75-90% of visits to health care practitioners are due to stress-related disorders.

We are lucky to have recently seen the growth of Evidence Based Medicine, an evolved way to identify the most suitable therapy for any given patient. 

Nevertheless this approach still considers individuals as functioning like a machine, based on the same exact mechanisms, and assess the effectiveness of therapeutical interventions through statistics, without considering the individuality and the psycho-emotional history of the human behind the patient.

Observing this multi faceted individuality, deciphering its nuances and identify the most suitable and personalised strategy to help the patient achieving the best possible health has become my goal as a researcher. 

When  the human "system" is given the possibility to access and use at best all his resources, then we are creating the conditions for the best outcomes, for any therapy, and we can unleash the power of our innate self-healing processes.