Complementary Medicine

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Clinic Hours   Mon - Wed - Thur 10am-4pm  |  Tue 2pm-4pm  |  Sat 10am-1pm

                   My mission is to provide the best evidence based support to patients affected by

Autoimmune diseases

Chronic infections


Autism disorders

The support I provide is in form of natural treatments (with vitamins, herbs, minerals, homeopathics, etc.), nutritional strategies (dietary counselling) and lifestyle changes. 


Feel free to book for a free 5 minutes phone call with me to introduce your case

I offer in-clinic and online patient consultations, counselling and advices on issues related to personal and community health and wellbeing.


I also offer presentations, talks and educational material to groups on a broad range of health topics of general, specific or social interest.


A True Holistic Vision of Health

I started studying Biology as I was driven by my great curiosity for all life observable within nature, if only we pause to look. 

When I was five years old I fell very ill and had to spend nearly a year resting at home. To keep me more comfortable, my mother moved a couch to the kitchen and placed it under the window overseeing our vegetable garden in the backyard. Sitting under that window, I would spend my days looking at the nature outside and observing the seasonal changes of the plants and the behaviour of a number of animals. In later years, during my regular walks over the hills and ponds surrounding my home in country Italy, my passion for all observable life only strengthened as I experienced the great marvel that nature offers to a passionate and curious observer. 

My perception of the interactions between living things is today best described by the field of Integrative Biology where the complexity of biology and biological systems is sought to be unravelled through the incorporation of many perspectives and diverse disciplines. 

I have now been practicing my vision of biology for many years through the application of Complementary Medicine with the hope to create a healthier, more balanced, compassionate and truly connected future.

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